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What is Servicer Edition?

A cooperative approach to business, Servicer Edition is a robust suite of products and solutions that lets businesses get creative, leverage their relationships, and simplify their technology decisions. Having a strong centralized solution like Servicer Edition will inspire your teams to “flip the switch” to activate new services and build new solutions, without the delays and expensive extra investments that are the death of so many new initiatives.

Who is Servicer Edition for?

Why do I need Servicer Edition?

Today’s consumers expect a robust technology experience. They demand ease of use and accessibility to your business no matter where they are.  Servicer Edition allows you to be front and center online and through all your customers’ mobile devices. On top of that, native dashboards and analytical tools provide you with the means to maximize your data’s utility, allowing you to forecast and track your earnings effectively. Support for your operations is never in question with a team of experienced professionals monitoring and assisting you around the clock.

  • Reach more customers
  • Generate new revenue opportunities
  • Simplify technology decisions
  • Cooperative design and pricing
  • Integrated approach to business
  • Gives you a competitive edge

Would you like to offer new products and services at a fraction of the cost typically seen from other providers? What about adding online, mobile banking and mobile app. Capabilities to your member account service experience? Do you need marketing and collaborative sales technologies to help your clients market to their members? Perhaps you’ve already built a great business, but it’s limited by your current situation for having to navigate multiple vendor servicing platforms, or by only being able to offer a very narrow band of services for which you need to expand?

If this sounds familiar, Servicer Edition may be a perfect fit…

Servicer Edition

Servicer Edition will provide your CUSO a broad foundation of technology tools for better serving your on-going customer service needs. Servicer Edition offers a comprehensive account processing system in tandem with a collaborative CUSO business methodology to constantly develop and deliver new solutions your customers need to better utilize your product offerings. Servicer Edition includes a broad suite of products and services that allows you to be creative, better leverage member relationships and simplify future technology decisions. By incorporating a centralized, parameterized Servicer Edition solution, your team can simply flip the switch” to activate an array of new service solutions, without the delay and expense typically incurred with other popular 3rd party solutions.

Servicer Edition is a proven product, brought to the business market by a network of partners, who together have built networks, products, and services that engage more than 350 financial institutions and retail businesses nationwide. In essence, we have been designing and building solutions for years to support CUSOs and organizations like yours!

Key Features of Servicer Edition

  • Provides the ability to reach more members and generate exciting new revenue opportunities.
  • Offered at a small fraction of cost for similar services
    provided by other vendors.
  • Delivers a robust suite of products and solutions that allows CUSOs to get creative, leverage their relationships, and simplify their technology decisions.
  • Includes a rich technology experience to your members, no matter what kind of account servicing you may provide.
  • Providing everything your members will need to take advantage of your product offerings.
  • Expands dramatically the level of services you may offer your members.
  • Reduces the need for having to use and navigate multiple platforms for which you may currently require with the ability to expand.
  • As an SE client, you are really partnering with CIOs of more than 350 credit unions and business CUSOs nationally.
  • Servicer Edition offers member account processing with the power of a comprehensive core processing system.
  • Servicer Edition represents an integration strategy that provides you the flexibility to deliver the exact member experience you want around your business solution.
  • We are adding more Servicer Edition solutions every day that lend themselves to entrepreneurs who want to build CUSOs to enhance member relationships and interactive client service capabilities!

Enhancing your Servicer Edition Experience

In addition to the exciting key features of Servicer Edition, we also offer many supporting products and services to enhance your experience.

These enhancements are added a la carte and you only choose which products or services make sense to your business.

Learn about additional Servicer Edition Enhancements

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