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We can take your business to the next level

Congratulations!  You have built a great business and now it is time to expand.  However, is your current situation limited by having to operate multiple member servicing platforms?

Are you only able to offer a very narrow band of services for which you need to expand?

Would you like to offer new products and services at a fraction of the cost typically seen from other providers?

What about adding desktop and mobile app banking services to your product suite?

Do you need an outbound e-mail and marketing campaign for added exposure?

These are the types of services we are currently providing hundreds of credit unions and businesses similar to yours utilizing our Servicer Edition platform.  In a nutshell, Servicer Edition provides a comprehensive set of software tools that may be leveraged by any company that provides account servicing as a service to its customers.

How Does It Work?

First, CU*Answers owns the intellectual software rights to the Servicer Edition platform.  That means we are often able to separate various software modules per a best potential fit for helping a client drive their own business initiatives, such as loan and credit card servicing or online banking and mobile app components — without having to license other portions of Servicer Edition that are not needed.  This, combined with a collaborative business methodology for constantly developing and delivering new solutions to provide everything your customers will need to take advantage of your product offerings.

Clients have told us that by having a strong centralized solution like Servicer Edition inspires their team to “flip the switch” to activate new services, without delays and expensive extra investments that are the death of so many business initiatives.

CU*Answers has been building the Servicer Edition solution for years.  We’ve developed the techniques and approaches to help make your business more successful.

Today’s customers expect a robust technology experience.  They demand ease of use and accessibility to your business no matter where you are.  Servicer Edition allows you to be front and center in an online processing environment, and through all your customer’s mobile devices.  In addition, Servicer Edition’s native dashboards and analytical tools provide you with the means to further analyze your data, allowing you to track your earnings and make more effective forecasting decisions.

Servicer Edition offers popular account servicing tools with the power of a core processing system for offering what your customers will need to take better advantage of your products and services.

Perhaps best of all, you may implement most Servicer Edition services in an online (SaaS – Software as a Service) operating environment, to reduce the stress and worries associated with managing these services internally.  This enables you to focus on what you do best: manage your business.  This online environment will significantly reduce upfront purchase costs typically associated with other vendor solutions.  Additionally, support for your system is never in question with a team of experienced professionals at CU*Answers monitoring and assisting you around the clock.

Our History

  • CU* Answers has provided CU data processing services since 1970. Today, it’s core CU*BASE platform supports 350+ credit unions and 2.1 million members nationally.
  • Servicer Edition was initially targeted toward credit union CUSO’s wishing to provide an additional layer of service for helping serve members, and at a small cost for which they could purchase similar services from 3rd party vendors.
  • Began in 2015 to provide servicing for loans to a smaller, grameen style lender located in Washington, DC.
  • Since then, several more organizations have leveraged Servicer Edition for helping take their business initiatives to a new level.
  • Today, Servicer Edition provides loan servicing to credit unions and CUSO’s across the country.
  • Is your organization built to service member accounts behind the scenes?
  • Are you a business in need of a customer and account servicing platform?
  • Are you seeking an automated back-office processing solutions versus a manual spreadsheet strategy?
  • Are you looking for a robust loan origination and servicing system?
  • Are you a retailing financer offering credit card loans and needs a serving partner?
  • Do you sell used cars, boats, recreation vehicles or other big ticket items and need a complete loan processing system?
  • Do you potentially need:
    • Collections service?
    • Marketing and Call Center support?
    • Customer or Member Statements?
    • Desktop and Mobile app banking and account access?
    • Automated account opening options?
    • Document imaging solutions?
    • Telephone audio response?
    • Network and IT support?

Servicer Edition Brochures

Geoff Johnson Interview about Servicer Edition

Scott Page interviews CU*Answers CEO Geoff Johnson about the benefits that Servicer Edition offers to businesses looking to develop their retail financing programs.

Scott Collins Interview about Servicer Edition

Scott Page interviews CU*Answers EVP Scott Collins about Servicer Edition initiatives.

Servicer Edition Features

Exclusive Design

Servicer Edition is designed around the CU*BASE account processing system currently deployed to hundreds of credit unions and CUSO businesses nationally. Servicer Editon combines the processing power of a proven, feature-rich application with the business logic required to provide your organization a wealth of technology services.

Full Financial Suite

By owning the software and on-going development of the Servicer Edition platform, CU*Answers is able to provide clients the opportunity to utilize only those services which may be needed to support your customer accounts. This capability allows clients to select services from a single platform for considerably less expense than purchasing and integrating modules from many different providers.

Powerful and Popular Tools

CU*Answer's mission is to exceed expectations. Servicer Edition offers a broad suite of technology tolls that allow you to be creative and simplify your operations:

  • Mortgage loan servicing
  • Customer retail financing & credit card loans
  • Collections
  • Marketing & call center campaigns

Network of Partners

At the heart of Servicer Edition is the powerful foundation you require to run, support, and grow your business. Our talented team of designers, programmers, operators, and hosted solution experts are constantly working to expand the capability of our technology to our clients. When you partner with CU*Answers, you are really partnering with hundreds of CIOs and business partners.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Mortgage services
  • Bookeeping
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Retail Finance
  • Collections
  • Call Center

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