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CU*Answers recently announced the hiring of David Soper as its sales representative for the Servicer Edition product suite.

The Servicer Edition business suite is a comprehensive set of software technology tools that may be leveraged by any organization to provide account servicing (as a service) to its customers. Servicer Edition can be cost-effectively implemented by organizations of all sizes that provide mortgage and consumer loan processing/servicing, bookkeeping, retail financing, collection services or inbound/outbound call services.

The Servicer Edition sales representative will be working closely with CUSOs and FinTechs that currently provide a high level of customer service but are lacking effective tools to streamline workflows or analytics that could help them take their business to an even higher level.

Soper said, “This new position aligns perfectly with my background, and I am extremely excited about representing the Servicer Edition brand with a wide variety of businesses in need of these solutions.”

To learn more about Servicer Edition, visit us at

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