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CU*Answers announced it has released its Servicer Edition (SE) online store as part of its overall online store offering. The SE online store represents a perfect complement to the wide variety of products and services offered to businesses within its SE account servicing platform.

The store allows clients the capability to quickly enhance their level of services offered to their customers by offering a variety of value-add services for improving their overall service level and is intended to provide an online retail shopping experience for ordering a variety of off-the-shelf tools for which CU*Answers has previously developed.

Scott Collins, EVP of National Sales and Marketplace Relationships added, “In many cases, an organization has already built the foundation for a great business but is limited by its current situation for having to navigate multiple vendor servicing platforms, or by only being able to offer a very narrow band of services which need to be expanded. Servicer Edition may be a perfect complement by featuring a broad suite of products and services that allows businesses to be creative, better leverage member relationships and simplify future technology decisions. By utilizing the SE online store, clients are now able to quickly browse for a desired service, place an order and activate these solutions in the fastest possible manner.”

CU*Answers added that by grouping these elective services into a consolidated SE department, they are able to offer clients a simpler, more streamlined approach to be able to quickly review and determine a potential solution for their business. To learn more about the Servicer Edition, visit the Servicer Edition website.

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