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CU*Answers, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based cooperative CUSO, recently published its 2022 Business Plan that it was budgeting for additional investment in its Servicer Edition product suite. The suite is built upon the foundation of the CUSO’s tremendously successful CU*BASE core data processing technology and is specifically tailored for CUSOs or other businesses that provide customer account servicing.

Scott Collins, EVP of National Sales and Marketplace Relationships, described the CUSO’s Servicer Edition as “a comprehensive suite of integrated software products and services that allows businesses to better leverage customer relationships while simplifying their internal technology buying decisions.”

“Servicer Edition can be cost-effectively implemented by organizations of all sizes and is especially beneficial for businesses that specialize in account servicing,” noted Collins. Businesses that provide mortgage and consumer loan processing and servicing can not only leverage a robust and tightly integrated core software suite, but they are also able to tap into resources such as bookkeeping, analytics, collections and inbound/outbound call center services. And since the suite allows businesses to pick and choose from an array of products and services offered, they are able to expand their offerings quickly and cost-effectively.”

Collins concluded, “Since our native toolset includes online banking, mobile banking and a robust content management system, our clients can offer those member-facing solutions to more effectively service their customers.”

To learn more about the Servicer Edition, visit the SE website.

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